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One unneutered male plus one unspayed female translates to 1100+ descendants. Help us control the problem by reporting cat colonies!

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Volunteers Needed

The Okanagan Humane Society is seeking volunteers throughout the Okanagan valley who can assist with fostering moms and kittens, help to trap, recovery after spay/neuter, transport and re-home/return cats us sell raffle tickets.


Help Cosmo

Frank and his Staffie “Cosmo” live on the street for about 4 years now. One of the senior members of Okanagan Humane Society (one of the partners of Okanagan Cat Coalition) is in frequent contact and supports them.

Thank You

The Volunteers and Members of the Okanagan Humane Society want to express their thanks to the CanFel Foundation of Guelph, Ontario for their generous support of our work to stop cat overpopulation here in the Okanagan.  

Central Okanagan Foundation has also stepped forward with a generous 3 year commitment of funds to help with the OHS Community Cat TNR Program.
“The Central Okanagan Foundation is a community foundation providing an ongoing contribution to the quality of life in our community through building endowments, grant making and community leadership.  We bring donors and charities together to provide for the needs of the community today, tomorrow and forever.”

We are also grateful for the funding received under the BC SPCA Community Animal Spay/Neuter Grant.  The support of these 3 organizations also means more animals are being saved every year.