The Okanagan Humane Society is  committed to help protect and save animals by helping low income families spay or neuter their pets through our spay and neuter program,  helping them finding them forever homes and through community awareness and education. The OHS is a registered charity comprised of over 10 communities, which relies primarily on donations to fund animal protection, foster care and rehabilitation, advocacy and humane education.

Although the OHS doesn’t have a shelter, our society consists of dedicated volunteers that save animals every day. The local organization formed after several cats and dogs were abandoned throughout the Okanagan and as the pet overpopulation concern started to grow. Since 1996, the OHS has spayed and neutered over 14,750 cats and dogs for families that could not otherwise afford it.

To apply for spay/neuter assistance, please visit your local veterinary clinic for an application form or call 250-548-9293.